Our Story

I grew up in NY and NJ my whole life. I come from a strong Christian family. I went to Rutgers University and shortly afterwards I started working with kids as a director of a learning center. From that experience I felt God calling me to start ministry and to work with kids. During that time I started teaching Sunday School at my church. The children's pastor was a handsome young guy. I always thought children's pastors had to be middle aged women. I was curious to say the least as to what kind of a young guy would sign up to be a children's pastor? Well, as it turns out, the guy was pretty amazing. He had a passion and a love for children and for ministry. That guy is now my husband of 5 years. We served together as Children's Pastors for 2 years and then got engaged. One month into our engagement he got a job offer to move to Hawaii. So since we had already booked our honeymoon at Turtle Bay in Oahu, we got married, went on our honeymoon and never left=) After 5 years of marriage we have two beautiful children a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old girl, both born and raised in Hawaii.

Daechoong in Korean, means to do things in a way that just gets it done. I grew up with a daechoong Mother who juggled a lot of things. This lead me to have a very interesting childhood. The funny thing is, now I see my mother's daechoong ways imebeded in my parenting style.  There are many ways in which I am daechoong. I use my shirt as a hand towel, my kids never wear matching socks to sleep, "folding" laundry means shoving it in a drawer, and the list goes on and on. However, like my mom my daechoong ways have lead me and my children to lead an adventurous life (so far), if not they can work it out with their therapists later jk! I started this blog to chronicle that adventure while enjoying life in the Hawaiian sun!