10 Confessions of a Desensitized Mother

I was thinking about it  and I realize with the first child you do everything by the book. Joey, till he was almost two, was practically confined to the 200 SF of space that was our living room. We had a huge baby fence that protected (caged) him from all the non baby friendly things. Dopple and Dreft was always just an arms reach away, lest bacteria touch our precious son's hand. Now that we have Kaitlyn we've certainly loosened up the reigns, but her insatiable desire to get into everything and destroy our house, has made me become very desensitized...numb, as a matter of fact. When I see my daughter drawing on the table with a crayon, if it was Joey at that age, like a bolt of lightening I would grab the utensil of destruction. If I saw him drawing on the wall I would want to pull out my hair. Now? I look over... it's just crayon, I can wipe it off later, it aint that bad... it's not say permanent marker all over the floor, which is something she has actually done. When I see my daughter grab my face lotion from my dresser, it aint that bad.. could be my wallet and every one of my credit cards spread across the far corners of my home, (which has happened on several occasions). I could be searching under the sofa for my Costco club card, so face lotion?? Wutever..over time you just get desensitized to it all.

So here are some of my confessions as to how I reacted to some of the things she did this past week:

1) When I saw her draw on the wall I thought "It must be Mural Wednesday!" unless it's Thursday.. in that case it's Mural Thursday.

2) I let her walk around with something on her head that I normally use to hold their bath supplies...


Peek a Boo!

2) When she drew on the new desk furniture, I thought "Thank goodness it's not marker".


3) When she opens the diaper bag, I'm just glad it's not my purse...

4) When she gathered our recyclables and put them on the coffee table I thought "At least it wasn't the trash."

5) When she gathered more stuff from around the house to add to her collection, I took a quick look and was glad there were no credit cards in that little blue basket.


6) The oven is a mirror, who needs toys? (FYI it wasn't on)


7) When she used my work notebook to draw. I was glad it wasn't the floor.

8) When she threw her mac and cheese on the floor, I was glad I skimped out on the cheese.


9) I let her watch Frozen's Let It Go (from youtube) over and over again to keep her from destroying the house.

10) We brought them to McDonald's, past their bedtime, to have some ice cream and get this girl out of the house. Food is the only distraction for this girl.