Thankful for Vog and Family

So this is a belated Thanksgiving post. Lets just think of it as Thanksgiving weekend. Ever find it hard to be thankful despite your many blessings? I was thinking about it this weekend and I think often its through hardship or inconveniences that lead you to be thankful for what you have.

The night before Thanksgiving I had a terrible nights sleep. Hawaii weather does something strange to my sinuses during Nov-March. When the weather drops just below 75 degrees I just start sneezing and coughing like crazy. I have a few different theories, one of them is Hawaii vog,: volcanic sulfar dioxide emitted into the air creating air pollution.

Anyways, Thanksgiving morning I woke up miserable. I hear the scampering of my son's feet into our room. He starts talking a mile a minute asking for things. He proceeds to poke me in the ears, eyes and nose, trying to wake me up. I keep grunting "Leave me alone!!"  while half asleep with my eyes closed. Then I said "Mommy feels sick." At that point he put his hand on my forehead and just as I was about to wack is hand off, I open my eyes to see his eyes closed with an earnest look on his face. He proceeds, "Dear God, make mommy fever go away and Jesus pray to make her all better. AMEN!" I stare at him. He looks at me and smiles "All better right??" Needless to say I felt like a million bucks and so thankful. I hugged him and smothered him with kisses, his face beaming, seeing the power of a simple prayer.

It's the first time I've ever seen him pray on his own. Before meals he often seems ambivalent about praying and many other times I urged him to pray and he seemed disinterested. That morning i saw that all those moments where we told him that he can talk to God and ask Him for anything, meant something.

I am thankful. Often times in motherhood, its easy to complain and get bogged down and weary of the dishes piling up, constant rice on the floor, the many things left to do. There are many days that go by where I am ungrateful of the many blessings in my life. It's hard to be thankful for the major aspects of your life, that you see and interact with on a daily basis, like your kids, and your spouse. But often times, its the little moments birthed from pain, suffering, or little inconveniences like vog and sinus congestion, that lead us to be thankful for the big things.

Here in Windward side in Hawaii it is constantly raining, but when the clouds part it makes for awe inspiring views of the landscape and the mountains. Those little mundane pieces to your everyday life, like praying before meals, makes for a pleasant surprise when your child learns to pray on their own.

I am so thankful for my family that reminds me everyday that fills my heart and life with love and returns that love despite my many shortcomings, and is a constant reminder of a God that loves us without conditions and without restraint, that brought us together as a family and hears the prayers of my 3 year old boy. Because of that I can be thankful for the dishes, the rice on the floor, vog and everything in between.


Thanksgiving on the beach with beloved friends!


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