Banana Ice Cream

So I'm in my last trimester and my sweet tooth is no joke. I crave all things sweet. At the end of each meal I feel it is incomplete without dessert. Which is really not good for baby, I know. I'm actually amazed that I passed my glucose test, a real miracle if you ask me. So I found this recipe for banana ice cream and I know its been done over and over again. It's nothing new but I was majorly skeptical. "There's no way it'll taste anything like actual ice cream!" I thought. But I tried it and it does. It really tastes like ice cream. So all the sweet deliciousness without the major guilt.

I took some ripe bananas and I cut them up with a butter knife straight into a gallon ziploc bag. People suggested leaving them on a tray separated in the freezer but that's way too much work and I have no room in my freezer for all that. I just laid the ziploc bag down flat in the freezer so the pieces will be somewhat separated. I left it to freeze overnight and then had it ready for my lunch-dessert time (know there is no such thing as lunch-dessert but there is when I'm pregnant).

Frozen and ready to go! Then I stick them in my Ninja Chop, about 2 cups worth and add 1/4 cup of milk. I just kept adding bit by bit until the bananas were able to be blended. Careful, it's a fine line between banana milkshake and ice cream, so just add a little bit at a time.

Then I blended it until it was nice and smooth.

I had to stop and mix it a few times with a spatula. Then I added a couple drops of vanilla extract.

Creamy and ready to go. I had to take out the blades.

blended banana ice cream.jpg

Time to scoop out.

I then put a bit of chocolate syrup on it. Ok so not totally guilt free...

So I gobbled this up in 2 minutes. It was rich, creamy, sweet and it hit the spot. Warning! It only tastes like ice cream as long as it's not melted. Once it starts melting it tastes like liquified bananas. Gross! So you must eat it quickly. One time I added peanut butter to it and it was amazing too. You can also added walnuts or almonds, whatever you like. Either way you're fooling your body into eating wholesome fruit!

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