Children and Schedules

UPDATE: Hello! It's been awhile! I haven't updated because the last month and 1/2 I've been either hugging my pillow or the toilet seat, going through round 3 of morning sickness! Now that my first trimester is coming to an end I'm feeling more and more like myself.

Though I've haven't been feeling well we've still been quite busy. Ever have one of those days where you've got the day planned out down to the 1/2 hour and then your child does something and it throws your whole schedule into the crapper??

Well a couple weeks ago we had one of those days planned out. My parents were heading on a plane that night to go back to NJ, so we had a fun day of beach, shopping, and dinner planned out. Just after breakfast there was an ominous silence in the house. Whenever we can't see or hear our daughter for a period of time that usually is a bad sign. I thought "Where's Kaitlyn??" I started looking around the house. I opened our bedroom door and she walks out like it's nobody's business.

Well... turns out she put a whole jar of Vaseline in her HAIR!!!!!!!!!!

In a panic I rush her to the bathroom to shampoo it out and it was utterly futile as the shampoo just seemed to spread the petroleum jelly evenly through the hair without getting rid of any of it! I felt like I was trying to save a bird from an oil spill. Afterwards I tried to comb it out and that didn't do anything except make her look like a greaser.

Seeing as I was only making the situation worse, I went to my go-to-motherhood-guru... Google.

It shows up right away! I was partly relieved there was a solution but also because that meant my child was not the only crazy one to do something like this. Most of the sites were saying you have to cover the hair in either corn starch or baby powder. Since we had a huge thing of baby powder we never use, I went that route.

I felt like I was inducting her into some sort of indigenous tribe. Of course she screamed and cried throughout the whole thing.

She's like "What is this stuff??"

She's like "What is this stuff??"

To which I responded "aww poor baby do you not like that??"


It worked really well! But it didn't get everything out. Each strand of hair still seemed to have a life of its own and could still be shaped and bent to any form.

The baby powder worked for the most part. For a few days her hair looked beach dry, you know when you go to the beach and your hair dries but is still heavy from the salt water. Since we live in Hawaii no one looked twice. She looked like she's from a family that goes to the beach a lot, instead of a family of questionable hygiene.

Now I look back and I can laugh at the whole experience, remembering my screaming and going crazy and Kaitlyn crying when I put the baby powder on her, and her hair looking like Medusa afterwards... good times. To really appreciate each moment in raising kids I think you need time and perspective, which is something you never have at the present moment. I guess it's always something to remember for next time my kids throw my day's schedule into a vaseline-baby-powder-catestrophe.

On another note, time with the grandparents was amazing and I didn't want it to end. We got a great deal for one night at Aulani the Disney Resort. My husband and I were blown away at how amazing this place was. Yay for Kama'aina discounts!!

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