Pregnancy Update: Lysteria Hysteria and Hurricanes

So I'd have to say this is the most eventual pregnancy so far. Pregnancy events that unfolded thus far:

First Trimester

I had terrible morning sickness. I'm 16 weeks now and in a couple weeks I go in for my ultrasound to find out the gender of the baby. If I had to bet on it, I would say it's a boy. The extent of the morning sickness was very similar to when I was pregnant with my son. I think morning sickness, like labor, is one of those things about child birth that God allows you to graciously forget like some sort of vague distant memory (lest the earth never populate) ...until you experience it again. Every morning I woke up feeling like "O there you are again my old enemy, morning sickness!!"

2nd Trimester so far..

Lysteria Poisoning:

So after the morning sickness was over with and I entered into the grand "golden" 2nd Trimester, I was so happy to not loath the smell of onions and garlic and get my appetite back. I remember going to Costco with my family to do some shopping and have dinner. The next morning I devoured one of the peaches we had bought at Costco. Then a couple hours later I felt terribly sick. I was throwing up, I felt dizzy and I had a fever. I couldn't hold anything down. It was a strange combination of food poisoning symptoms mixed with the flu. I kept trying to figure out what I had eaten that no one else had eaten... and I couldn't figure it out. I thought I must of had some bad gelato at Costco or something. Then a week later I had the same exact symptoms again. I couldn't digest food and I was feeling miserable. Then I get a voicemail on my cell phone from Costco. It was an automated message stating that the peaches we had bought were likely infected with Listeria. It really never occurred to me that the peaches I had been yummily consuming consistently for over a week, could be the cause of my symptoms. I looked up the symptoms for Listeria and it was exactly spot on. I called my doctor and at first he sounded blase about it.

He said "Well if your baby was infected, the fetus would have miscarried... so you should be ok."

"Ok... So I have nothing to worry about?"

"No you should be fine."

So I was relieved. Then the next day my Dr. called again and I heard panic in his voice. "I changed my mind you need to be treated for Listeria..."

So he put me on a round of antibiotics. I think it's because he got wind of all the news reports and realized this was really a big deal. Not long afterwards I saw he wrote a post on his blog about peaches and Listeria.

So I started on the medication but my body was still not at 100%. Sadly I have not had a single peach since the incident.


So almost immediately after I finished my meds and started feeling normal again Hawaii was on high alert over two hurricanes that were set to hit landfall on Oahu. The first hurricane, Iselle was set to hit Oahu on August 7. So earlier that week I had a tight knot in my stomach. I think I watched too many videos of Hurricane Iniki hitting Kauai in 1992.  We stocked up and filled every kimchi/ pickle jar with filtered water, which all had a slight kimchi flavor. I kept thinking I would wake up on Friday to see that the roof of our house blown off.

The whole thing blew over, literally. Hurricane Iselle quickly dispelled before it hit Oahu and Hurricane Julio, fortunately completely missed us. I am so glad that we were not without power or water as a result. Considering my daughter loves to put food in her hair and that I need to give my daughter a shower after every meal, the thought of going without water sent chills down my spine. As we were checking the news and seeing if the hurricane would hit, my daughter was doing her usual eating-all-day. I took some pics of her eating a bagel with cream cheese and turned them into hurricane memes.


Since then I've realized that between my two kids and all the things to do each day this pregnancy is is completely devoid of any romanticized feelings. I remember when I was first pregnant with my son, I rubbed my belly all day, and at times listened to soothing classical music hoping that all the good feels would be making its way via osmosis. I took numerous baby bump selfies and  cherished each kick and flutter till the final day came. Now with baby number 3 I hardly even remember that I'm pregnant. Its kinda like "Baby number 3, I'll just see you when you're ready!" I've been feeling guilty about it. Hopefully I'll be just as ready and joyous when the final day does come, and now it won't be just me and Joe welcoming the bundle of joy, but a big brother and sister too. That's the last couple months so far, this pregnancy has been unsentimental but not uneventful!

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