Me and My Vice

We all have our vices. With the unpredictability of motherhood we all have that one thing that we depend on, count on, look forward to, the one thing that's designated for "me time," our proverbial weak spot. For some it may be a superb glass of pinot at the end of a hard day.

Or maybe its that immaculate- calorie-filled- diet -breaking- meant- to- be- devoured- in- one- sitting... pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey.

 Serving size of 4??? YEA RIGHT!

Maybe it's disappearing into a dark room and watching a 30 episode Korean drama filled with melo 48 hour time period... while a naked baby scampers by (I plead the 5th on that one).

Five Fingers would fill that criteria. If you're thinking of watching, proceed with caution...

Though I'm guilty of enjoying some of the above. My day to day vice, the thing that I count on, can't live without, and never seems to fail at making me happy!

You must think I'm crazy to dedicate a whole post to coffee. Though I'm sure I'm not the only mother to sing its praises in the blogosphere, it just goes to show how much I've come to need and love it as a mother. My mornings are crazy, I'm usually feeding Kaitlyn, then getting Joey ready for school and trying to convince him not to wear that darn Angry Bird T-Shirt again!! I get the water boiling, grind the coffee, put my metal and paper filter into my tea pot, put in the coffee and hot water and voila!

As I sip my coffee, the deep, smooth coffee aroma surrounds me like a force field. For those few minutes while I'm sipping away, all is well. I'm assured that I'll be awake enough to put my son's shorts on not-backwards this time, that I'll have energy to cook 3 nutrious meals, that I'll have strength to be the engaging, fun, have-it-together-mother/ wife that I want to be, and that I'll get my to do list done. After my  third cup of coffee I am energized ready to seize another day! 

 You'd think this daechoong mama would for sure go with the coffee maker right? No way! I am not daechoong when it comes to comes to coffee. A friend taught me coffee grinds are more like tea leaves, meant to be seeped for a minimum of 4 minutes. In a coffee maker the water just passes through the grinds without a proper seep. I did the french press thing for awhile but I hated the small grinds at the bottom of the cup, so I switched to the tea pot and I get my perfect liquid gold. 
I've been a coffee drinker since I've started working, circa 2004. But I was more of a just- need- a- pick- me- up- so- hand- me- the- Folgers coffee drinker. I never drank it out of pure enjoyment. My coffee palate was non existent to say the least, so I often desecrated filled my coffee with milk, sugar, and ohh goodness those dreaded awful flavored coffee creamers.  Now I love the taste of a good cup of Joe. For those who care to continue reading here are some of my favorite coffees from least to greatest. 
(Most of the below are 32b-40oz bags that can be found at any warehouse store. With the amount of coffee I drink that's how I buy them=)

Can I have a coffee review without mentioning a Starbucks coffee? Its almost obligatory isn't it? Starbucks will always give a can-count-on-good-cup of Arabica bean coffee. Its certainly not the best and even at a warehouse store it's a bit pricey. Though they swear to the contrary their roasts are bitter and strong. If made right the house blend will give you a decent cup. 

From my experience, where you get the bean often means more than the roast. I prefer Coffee Bean over the above Starbucks House Blend. Its a darker roast but the flavor seems smoother and more well rounded than the house blend. I actually like to make this coffee a bit strong and it satisfies by coffee palate while giving me a quick jolt to start the day!

Now I put this above the others because of the value. Its just as good, if not better than the above, its 8oz heavier and a few bucks cheaper. This is the Sam's Club Arabica bean coffee brand. I really like the espresso because it doesn't have that bitter taste even though it's a dark roast. Its a good quality cup of coffee. Great price and great flavor.

Now for a real treat my absolute favorite would be...
100% Kona coffee will bring any name brand coffee to its knees! Peets, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Dunkin (obviously), Intellagenstia all bow down to Kona. O and don't be fooled by those 10% Kona blends, most of them are yuck bc they mix the beautiful 10% of Arabica Kona with 90% of junk and Robusta!! Anyways...  farmed on the beautiful hills of Kona in the Big Island. This coffee is the only coffee grown in the U.S. and the optimal temperature and altitude provided by Hawaii's unique topography and mineral rich volcanic soil, gives us the PERFECT coffee bean. It's one of the most expensive coffee's in the world. If you were to walk into a gourmet market and find a bag of 100% Kona Coffee, you'd think you were buying a rare bottle of Bordeaux considering it can run you up to $35 for a 7oz bag! Here in Hawaii however I can get a 7oz bag at Walmart for $9! Still really expensive but worth it!

Kona coffee is mild, smooth, yet has a rich aromatic coffee flavor. Before I had my first sip of Kona coffee I didn't know what good or bad. I was blind. Kona Coffee gave me a standard to measure all other coffee flavors, roasts, and brands. I thought there couldn't be anything that could beat Kona coffee, that is until I had....

What? Its the same bag? No no look closely... Kona Peaberry. From the same amazing Kona farms there's a special o so rare and beautiful deformity/mutation that happens when a coffee cherry forms only 1 bean inside instead of two. Each bean instead of looking like a half of a ball, it looks more like a peanut. This can account for only 2% of all Kona coffee grown, so you can just imagine how expensive it is. But its amazing. The roundness of the bean creates an unprecedented even roast that is the life source of a coffee flavor. It has a stronger, deeper, and richer flavor than Kona but so... wonderful. In the mainland it can run you up $50 a 7oz bag but here in Hawaii you can get a 7oz bag of peaberry at Walmart for $20! Which is still really expensive... alas its a once in awhile treat.

NOTE: If you are ever visiting Hawaii and want to buy Kona Coffee Beans 1) Always check the label to make sure it says 100% Kona. 2) Skip the ABC shops and the coffee shops like Honolulu Coffee Co. and Island Vintage. I highly recommend those coffee shops if you are actually buying the coffee to drink there but if you are buying a bag of coffee beans buy it at Walmart. Though those shop's farms have won cupping awards etc. from my experience  100% Kona bean is the same anywhere you buy it and at Walmart it's way cheaper.

So there you have it. My vice. My love for coffee. I know I'm addicted. I'm codependent. But I know that if it weren't for coffee this mama's daechoongness would go over the edge!

Are there any other mother coffee lovers out there? If not, what are some of your get-through-another-day vices?

Typical start to my day. I tell my son to do something while pouring coffee, he gives me the hand while my cup runneth over...