Transitions are A-Musing

Its been awhile! In my defense the past few weeks have been crazy.

My husband and I are going through major transitions. We ended our five year tenure at our church in Honolulu and moving to another church where he has the opportunity to be a head pastor, in a much more rural part of Oahu. We believe we ended well, leaving so full and so blessed. Before we start our new adventure, we are staying with my parents in NJ for a brief break. When we get back we will be starting our new life and moving to a new home as well. 

Through all these changes here are some musings...

Junk and JUNK!

Isn't it unbelievable how much junk you can accumulate as a family over time. When Joe and I first moved to Hawaii we came with two suitcases. That's it. During the packing process I could not believe how much stuff we had accumulated over five years. I'm talking bags and bags, boxes on top of boxes of... junk. With kids, it's game over. They have so many toys with little parts and pieces, so many clothes, furniture, sleepers, strollers, and sippy cups with made with 8 different parts (I HATE THOSE!!). It reminds me of how superfluously we live in this country. 80% of the stuff I don't think I would notice it went missing. 

Packing is Hard

So the lesson this Deachoong Mama has learned  during the packing process is... easy now, hard later. Whenever we have something in our house that doesn't fit into a particular category I stick it in the closet. So over the last five years our closet has amassed loads and loads of random things. Also, all my children's toys and books I throw into our pack and play. Whenever we need to clean up their toys we throw it into the pack N play. Over time it slowly accumulated other random things outside the appropriate category.. like clothes, papers, pieces of furniture.. you know. The last fives years cleaning was easy, just put it in the closet or the pack N play... Cleaning out the two was like discovering the city of Pompeii, a massive archaeological mission. I could not get my head around the loads of stuff in there, old shirts, plastic vases, picture frames, baby furniture, beach toys etc. I'm pretty sure the Lost Arc and the JFK Files are in there as well. So what did I do about it? Dump it in a box.. done.

On a side note, much of the stuff I had to pack while my husband was away. During that time I also had two kids. I had no choice but to let my daughter wander around with more liberty than should be allowed. My daughter crawled into every box, wrapped herself several times in bubble wrap, I've found the following things in her mouth this last week: 1) an Angry Bird 2) Lego 3) a dime 4) a piece of 2009 tax return 5) marble 6) Old cheerio... but shes still healthy and alive!

Here is my proof:
She thought bubble wrap was amazing...

I did not pack her...

She was in this box for awhile and helping me by throwing stuff in the box with her. Couldn't have done it better myself =)

Explaining Transitions to a 3 year old

Our dear youth group members threw us a surprise dedication night. It was a memorable night with the youth sharing heartfelt words about our time with them these past five years. During that time many tears were shed (well I was bawling at one point) and my son was running around and seemed unaware of the bittersweet atmosphere. When we got home he asked me "Mommy why you cry?" I was surprised he noticed and took the time to explain the transition. "Joey, we are going to be leaving this church and going to a new church."

"Noooo, I want to go to church!!"

"Joey we are moving to a new church and a new home so we need to say goodbye to the people at this church."

"No! I am sad with  you!!" (meaning "I am mad at you")

I explained to him that God has a new plan for us but no matter what we will always be together.  That seemed to comfort him but I could tell there was an uneasiness in his eyes, like he knew a change was coming, something he was not ready for. 

Unlike a regular job, our current vocation has us become intertwined with a community. Our son was born into this church. The people have become like an extended family to him and through their abundant love, he has come to love them just as much in return. I'm apprehensive, to say the least on what this next transition will be like for him. Will he feel abandoned because he won't be seeing the same faces? Will he be looking for them? I'm hoping and praying that he will think lovingly and thankfully towards the family we left behind and with that love be able to embrace the new family awaiting us.

A red eye 10 hr plane ride with a 3 and 1 year old should not be allowed...

So our flight to NJ was pure torture. We made mortal enemies on that plane. My 1 year old was twisting and turning, whining and crying, the whole time. My 3 year old had to sprawl out over three seats on the plane and if he was not in the most comfortable position possible, would throw a tantrum.. and well we got the burning glares from ... the entire plane. My husband and I would exchange glances throughout the time. We both were thinking the same thing... "Shoulda drugged the kids with benedryl"

Home Away from Home

I love visiting the parents in NJ. Working while having two young children without parents is... tiring to say the least. This past week I've barely slept. Here in NJ we finally get to relax, see our beloved family and friends, eat great food and most importantly SLEEP. NJ is my place to get some R & R. Whenever I go back to Hawaii from NJ I feel refreshed and all the more grateful for the privilege of being able live there. After the torturous flight I came home to the auspices of my loving daechoong mama. She gracious agreed to watch my kids while, working, cooking and cleaning, all of which she did with a pinch of daechoong and a gallon of love.  Soaking it all in and loving it!

Got many more blog posts up my sleeve for this amazingly rare break time! Stay tuned =)

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