5 Ways You Know You Are A Daechoong Mama

You know you are a daechoong mama if...

1) You wear korean cotton pajama shirts (naebok) because they can double as a hand towel throughout the day.

2) If you can recall the day by looking at the stains on your shirt...

What did I have for breakfast?

O yea! Papaya.

3) You employ the labors of your children whenever possible. Kaitlyn is Swiffing the floors as I write this post, really.

Kailtyn crawling= clean floors
 The area by the door needs swiffing too!

4) When your son happens to be eating hummus (thats the only way he'll eat veggies), it becomes... face painting time.

Kailtyn laughs at everything he does!

5) When your daughter spills a glass of water on the coffee table and it becomes water play!

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