It Can Wait Campaign and Blackberry Q10 Giveaway!

AT&T as a sponsor of the It Can Wait Campaign are teaming up with Daechoong Mama to spread awareness about texting while driving. They have given me a gift package, a free t-shirt, magnet, bag, and a new Blackberry Q10 (worth $199 with a data plan) to giveaway to one of my readers!

We all have done it in the past, in a rush, at a stop light, sent a quick text and might not think too much of it, but the campaign has made me aware of staggering statistics. According to the National Safety Council:

 -23% of all car crashes involve cell phone use in some way. 

-Researchers observing more than 1,700 drivers found that three out of every four drivers using a cell phone committed a traffic violation.

-100,000 + crashes a year involve people texting while driving.

The largest perpetrators, not surprisingly are teenagers, thousands of whom end up in car crashes (many fatal), because of texting while driving. Here's some information from 

Who do they learn it from? Their parents and other adults. 

The National Safety Council in up in arms about the issue as cell phone use and texting is becoming more and more common among young teens. The thought of my son or daughter growing up, seeing me text and drive, and one day making a fatal mistake when they start driving, shook me up. In the end I realized I need to set the example so they never make the mistake themselves. So check out the It Can Wait Campaign and take the pledge to not text and drive! 

Back to the Giveaway...

  • Please check out the It Can Wait website 
  • Leave a comment about your thoughts on the statistics and/or the worst thing that happened to you while texting/talking on the cell phone while driving. 
  • You can also enter by Liking my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter
I tried to get my son to stand still  for two seconds to take a picture with the Blackberry Q10.. yea right!

Enter now before my son thinks it's his!

Then I had my daughter try and she was just confused...

Some info on the Blackberry Q10:

This phone must have an AT&T data plan. You will have to go to AT&T yourself and get the plan set up if you like. They gave me one, which I gave to my husband and he has been loving it! I know what you're thinking c'mon Blackberry? With a keyboard? What is it 2003? yea yea but the blackberry Q10 did get some decent reviews.

Really liked how Angelofmusic1989 of youtube (Shes awesome!) broke it down about the Q10. 

Turns out people are really liking the keyboard and the overall phone. Here are the specs if you're interested.

The Rafflecopter will pick a random entrant and I will email you personally to get your address to ship out the prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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