5 Things My Son Does That Drive Me Crazy

I love my 3 year old but there are obviously many times (documented on this blog) when he drives me nuts. Here are 5 things he did this past week.  Normally I go crazy, but this time I just snapped a picture at the moment and then went crazy... or laughed afterwards. In order of occurrence:

1) When he dumps out the laundry and then puts his sister and then himself in the hamper.

"Save me."

 Kaitlyn "How did you get in there too?"

 2) When he begs to go to his friend's house all day and then cries and throws a tantrum when he gets there.

At our friend's front door step, refusing to come in.

3) When he tries to shave.

Ugh. Lets just say I am grateful he only has a small scar on his upper lip.

4) When we are about to leave and he takes off his pants and puts on mis-matching socks.

5) When he complains that hes hungry but once I give him his food, he doesn't eat it and plays with it. 

 So that's it for now. Sorry the pictures are blurry. They were literally of the moment shots on my phone. How about you? What do your kids do that drive you crazy? Please don't tell me it's just me =)

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