diet Diet DIET!!!

I am on a diet!! I'm posting this at a pathetic attempt to light fire under my butt to stick to it till the end. I have a crazy goal. I would like to lose 25 lbs in 3 months. So by November 22 I would like to be 25 lighter. I started on the 22nd of this month and so far I've lost 4 lbs. Every couple weeks I'll post updates on my weight loss progress along with my regular posts. I'm hoping the blogging community and Daechoong Mama readers will keep me accountable.

Before having kids I never worried much about my weight. It was pretty much steady. Then... I had kids and my metabolism died. My wieghtloss journey has been an up and down train (wreck) since then. After having kids I went through a peroid of time when I could barely recognize my body. I noticed I was always tired and my joints would get easily strained. Even though I nursed both my kids for a little over a year, it did little to help me shed the pounds.

After giving birth to Kaitlyn I was slowly getting back to my pre-giving birth to children wieght and then my family and I started doing a lot of quick pizza runs and pasta was just so easy to make. Slowly my wieght started climbing up and up. Now I feel like I must do something before I hit the point of no return.

So for now I am going somewhat Paleo and working out 3-4 times a week. So I eat:

-No grains
-No processed foods
-No refined sugars

So I've been eating

-a little bit of dairy.

... and the list goes on. I'm not going to give up rice completely but will definitely stay away from wheat based foods. It is very hard for a korean to be completely paleo. No soy?? Its impossible. Dwenjjang (soy bean paste) is a staple in my house. No soy sauce?? So I'm going to cut down as much as I can but will still be making Korean food with soy for my family. Any other thoughts and suggestions? Has anyone done Paleo before? What did it work for you?

On other news, Kaitlyn finally started walking! I am so happy! She's 15 months and was not showing any signs of coming close to walking. I was on the phone with my sister in law (brother's wife), and she asked me if Kaitlyn started walking yet. I was like "No, and I don't think she is going to walk any time soon." Then a few minutes later, as if to prove me wrong, she just got up and started walking, as if she had been doing it forever! Even though she is our second child the milestones are just as meaningful. I felt like was watching a miracle :)

Kaitlyn walking on our church lawn

She is so excited and proud of herself!

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