10 lbs Down... Diet Update

So I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made so far. I have lost 10 lbs in about 3 and 1/2 weeks! Let me express myself in poem:

Now that by no means, means I'm skinny,
I still feel like I have a long way to go,
It does go to show however,
How far I let myself go...

Yep my own words. The weight-loss muse is hitting me. I'll just keep going...

That's what happens when Pizza and Ice Cream's is your best friend.
Refined sugar and carbohydrates is usually how I'd like my day to end.
Though it'll bring you to a state of palatable bliss
Sure'nuff the next day it's stuck on your hips.
Though you miss the delicious Epicurean high
You get depress when think "What happened to my THIGHS!?!?!"
SO now I'm hitting the gym and Paleo hard
Sayin no to bread because it might as well be LARD
Eating veggies, meats, and no processed foods,
"Hey it taste good!" I myself delude.
Though I miss my bf's ice cream, bread, and rice,
Losing 10 lbs is a bit nice=)

 Ahem... that came out of nowhere... seriously. So yep I've been kinda going Paleo and its been working out pretty well. I do notice a change in my mood and overall health. Though I don't believe it's mass meat consumption that contributes to the Paleo rage, I think more than anything its cutting out refined sugars and processed foods. For me, I think the main reasons why this diet is working so far is:

1) Drastically cutting down on portions.
2) NO sugars aside from those in fruits and veggies.
3) Eating only whole foods, and no processed foods

So every morning I eat a large breakfast. We don't mess around during breakfast in my household. My usual breakfast spread is replete with organic eggs, bacon (of course), veggies to dip in hummus, and lots of fruits like papaya, strawberries, and oranges.

The usual spread for breakfast (I don't partake of the sweet bread unfortunately).

Then I eat a modest lunch like stir fry with lots of veggies, some meat, and a small spoonful of rice.

Then around 3 PM I have a snack, usually some fruit, or some carrots with hummus, or often I'll make a smoothie with Greek yogurt and kale like the one below:

This was a greek yogurt, papaya and kale smoothie. Doesn't look yummy but it was delicious!!


This girl ate half of my smoothie...

Then for dinner I eat a really small meal, like a small salad and/or a few stalks of broccoli and I eat no later than 6:30 PM.

The hardest part is when it hits 9:00 PM and the hunger starts. One thing I noticed though, is the hunger is not nearly as unbearable as it is when I eat carbs. So typically before I started this diet if I ate pasta for lunch 4 hours later I'm ravenously hungry. However when I just eat a small salad for dinner, a few hours later I am hungry, but it's bearable.

Some people say on the Paleo diet you can eat as much as you want, but I think that's for people whose metabolism is still alive and kicking. I've really cut down on the amount of food I eat. I would say I probably eat 1/3 of the amount I used to. I noticed that I really don't need that much food. I have plenty of energy and I'm not nearly as moody. I had a lot of sinus issues and I was often sick, but lately I've been feeling great. One thing that really helps is keeping healthy snacks around. On our dining table I'll have a bowl of tangerines, some grapes, or bananas. So as soon as I get hungry I'll just munch on a few grapes. One thing I love about living in Kaneohe (God's Country in Hawaiian) is the the bountiful amount of food produce we get from our neighbors. People knock on our doors and give us whatever is ripe in their backyard. Just this morning we got this from two of our neighbors:

 Snack for today: papaya, avocados, grapefruit and bananas it is then!

This grapefruit is huge!

So I'm liking my progress but just as I chanted earlier I still have a long way to go.  I think what really lit the fire under me was feeling tired all the time and seeing that I'm still in my early 30 for only a short period of time. I might as well try to be in the best shape as possible while my kids are still young so I can keep up with them. Also my BMI (Body Mass Index was in the Overwieght Category at  a whopping 25.9 (Overweight = 25–29.9 ) now my BMI is down to 24.0 (Normal weight = 18.5–24.9) Whew just made it. So 10 lbs down, 15 more to go!

Joey has started preschool full time these past couple weeks. I noticed his behavior has improved a lot and slowly I am really starting to enjoy his 3's. He says the darnest things all the time and he always cracks me up. A couple weeks ago I got to have a play date with him while Kaitlyn was sleeping. It was great getting some mother son bonding time in.

Nights at Waikiki Beach!

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