10 Things My Daughter Does that Drives me CRAZY!!!

So its been about a month since my daughter started walking and I was not prepared for the constant, CONSTANT, danger/mess she gets into. I realized something. When Joey was her age we had him caged in a plastic fence in our 700 SF apt. 

So he didn't have much room to roam around and run a muck, unlike my daughter. Don't get me wrong, looking back at pictures of our baby boy prisoner in a plastic fence, I feel bad, and I think our 1st child paranoia got the best of us there. We knew for our second child there would be no fence. I knew even though she started walking we would let her roam to her hearts content, just keep an eye out, ya know;). Well needless to say I am constantly cleaning up her garbage. Literally. She loves going into the kitchen and opening the trash and taking out GARBAGE. We call her our little raccoon, a name that makes me wanna laugh and weep in the same breath. Here are some snap shots from this past week of the Kaitlyn destroyer.

1. She loves playing with the hamper. Her brother's influence. She thinks its a fun toy. By the time I snapped the picture the laundry that was in the hamper is sprawled throughout the far corners of the house.

I need to buy hampers that don't look like a Gymboree toy.

2. She loves going through our files, putting them all over the living room and disconnecting the TV.

3. Takes out all the wet wipes. If I got a nickle for every time she did this... I would be a millionaire!

4. Beautiful Orchids do not stand a change at our house

She always tries to put it back.

5. She loves taking any kind of chord and sticking them in outlets. Don't worry we have those clear plastic things in the prong holes.

6. She loves hijacking taking my phone and taking a million pics of herself.

7. She loves pulling out the handles to our dresser.

8. Why is this shoe wet? Because I fished it out of the toilet, where she has thrown many a shoe, toy, book etc. 

9. She loves water play in the toilet. She was all wet from playing in the toilet so had to wash her down and scold her for her toilet antics and she always gives me this "What did I do?" look.

10. Afterwards we went to have some good old sushi where she got to sit back, kick her feet up, and relax from wreaking havoc throughout the week. I think I'm the one that needs to kick my feet up =T

She loves to sit like this in her high chair.

Here goes a another week! Hopefully I can catch her some of the time... She is soo lucky she is cute.
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