5 Reasons Why Brothers Are A Sister's Blessing

Now that Joey is 3 and 1/2 I slowly see his affection growing towards his sister. Originally she was a usurper of his parent's attention, someone taking something that he felt was rightfully his. Now after living with her for 16 months I see that he sees her as a part of our family and a part of him.  I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to see their dynamic. To know that Kaitlyn will always be loved, accepted, and protected by her older brother. It reminds me a lot of my brother and I growing up. Though he was 3 years younger than me, I'm realizing now how much his influence has shaped me to be who I am today. So I wanted to make this list of reasons why brothers are a blessing based on my observations in seeing my own kids, my life, and those around me.

5 reasons why brother's are a Sister's blessings

1) Less Fights for clothes and certain toys (most of the time).

I love how Kaitlyn and Joey even at a young age are interested in different things. There are plenty of toys they do fight over, but Kaitlyn always had a penchant for stuffed animals and Joey couldn't care less about them. He always wants to play with cars and blocks. Basically if you were to throw it and it could either break or make a loud noise, he would love it. Often with sisters you fight over clothes, makeup, borrowing things and not giving them back etc. With a brother you don't have to worry about all that. There are a lot of things that are yours, and a lot things that are just his.

2) He will always accept you.

What's great about brothers is that they will accept you for who you are.  As a sister I know there are things about me that drove my brother crazy but at the end of the day  I always felt he accepted me for who I was and I accepted him. Often in some ways it is easier to love someone that is different than you. Despite my many flaws and short comings my brother was always there for me, to make me laugh, comfort me, make me forget in the many areas that I lacked. That acceptance was always there and like water and food to the soul,  nourished and shaped me to be who I am today.

3) He will always forgive you.
The great thing about brothers is they don't hold grudges for long. I might be taking broad liberties with this one, but from what I've seen, this is true. Brothers get really mad really fast and once they blow off steam, they forget. I've done many a wrong towards my brother. But I don't recall him ever being mad at me for more than an hour or so.

4) He will always protect you.
It's that instinct in guys that causes them to be fiercely protective of the women in their life. I noticed one time I took the kids to the mall play area and a baby boy, a bit older than Kaitlyn, and a lot larger (he was really cute and chubby) started crawling over her in the little play tunnel. I reached over to grab her when suddenly Joey comes over and yells "No! Thats my baby!" and he pushes the poor chubster over. The boy rolls over and yells and is about to push him back when Joey says "Leave my baby alone!" I had to scold him and explain the situation, but the experience was very eye opening for me. Even at 3 he knows that he needs to protect his sister, funny how many times someone needs to protect her from him, but I can see when it comes down to it, he will be there for her if anyone messes with her. It gives me so much reassurance is raising a girl in this dark- twisted- sex- crazed- body image- worshiping- world, to know that Joey will always have Kaitlyn's back. Any guy who does her wrong will rue the day.

I also noticed growing up that even though my brother was younger he was still protective. This dynamic came about when we were older. I remember hanging out with my friends and gushing over our latest teen boy crush and I said something like "This guy is so CUTE!!" and my brother raised his brow and shot me a "Take it easy!" look. At that moment I had a strange realization that it didn't matter that he was younger, he was going to be protect of me. Another time I was hanging out with some of my friends friends after church. My brother happened to know one of them, and this person had a somewhat infamous reputation. My brother with no shame came up to me and said "Why are you hanging out with those guys?!?! You shouldn't be hanging out with them!" I left utterly embarrassed and walked away pretending not to know my brother, but part of me felt loved and protected and looking back my brother was also absolutely right to be protective in that situation.

5) He will always teach you.

I notice that guys with sisters are often better at navigating through the nuances, craziness, and emotional roller coaster of the seemingly smooth yet volcanic planet Venus (women) and girls with brothers are keener to understand the tough theolithic basalt layers of Mars (men). Growing up I think sisters teach their brothers how to treat girls and in turn girls with brothers have some discretion on what a good guy looks like. Over the years when your brother is there through the good times and the bad, loving you, accepting you, forgivng you, and protecting you, when one day you look at the vast sea to choose a mate for yourself, will you settle for guy that does less than what your brother did for you? The brother that stood by you and helped shape you to be the woman you became? Absolutely not. A girl with a good brother will know what to look for.

I think over the years having a great brother lead me to know what a good man looked like. My husband also has a sister and I thank her many times over for showing him and training him to be the amazing father and husband he is today. It just goes to show how God puts the right people in our lives and He knows just what we need.

For that and all the reasons I've stated above, brothers are an amazing blessing. I'm so glad to have had a good brother to teach me over the years and I am so happy that my daughter will have the same.

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