Halloween: Sweet Memories

Halloween was such a happy time for me as a kid. My parents would take us trick or treating every year and my mom would drive up and down the neighborhood in Nanuet NY. At the end of the long cold night. I'd come home with a runny nose and pillow case(s) full of CANDY!! Then my mother would have the audacity to hide the pillow cases. She did this every year because she feared we would get diabetes. I looking back now as a mother I know she was absolutely right. My insatiable sweet tooth would have ate the whole bag in one sitting! So she would hide the bags and give us one piece of candy after dinner IF we were good. When I would whine about it she would say...

"You going to get diabetic!!!"


"Huh??" Was my response.

Every night my daechoong self would suddenly transform into some sort of Ninja and I would scour every nook and cranny till I found the candy. Sure enough every year I found it. One year she hid it in the back of a hidden compartment in her closet and I found it. Amazing how my underachieving self suddenly became the Sherlock Holmes of finding candy.

Ever have those moments flash before you eyes, when your child becomes a mirror image of your former self??

Yesterday I went to pick up Joey at Preschool and they said they had a goody bag for him  from the Halloween Parade. Sure enough, it wasn't a "goody bag" it was a Walmart plastic bag full of CANDY! ARRGH!

As soon as we get in the car Joey keeps whining, begging to eat the candy and I say " You can have one after dinner IF you are good." Then he asked 

"Mommy I want skittles!! Can I have it all!"

"No you're going to get DIABETES!!"


"Whats diebetty??"

O MY I am my mother!!!!!

Then I got home and I hid the bag. Sure enough my son suddenly turns into a Ninja and starts building complex ladders to see which cabinet I hid the candy. He is certainly my son.


I was usually pretty creative with Halloween costumes. I never went out and bought a costume. I always made something up form what I had. I remember one year when, I was in 3rd grade, for our school's Halloween Parade, I decided I was going to be a Korean Princess (When I think of my former costumes, I don't know if it's because I was so brave or so oblivious) so I wore my Hambok that I wore for Chusok (Korean Thanksgiving) earlier that year. My mom came to the school to get the outfit ready and she did my makeup. She brought some sort of BB cream (very pale pearly face cream popular in Korea). She put it all over my face till it was very pale. At this point I started getting nervous.

 "Umma this is sooo PALE!"

"Its okie, Umma knows everything."

Then she took her red lipstick and drew red circles on my cheeks. Then smeared them so my cheeks were RED. At this point I started to panic. She then put the RED lipstick on my lips.

"Umma this looks so weird"

"No so pretty! This is Korean Princess! You don't know that??"

It was too late to change anything, the parade was starting! I was shoved in line with everyone in my class. My teacher gave me a nervous smile when she saw my costume. Then I noticed all the other teachers gave me a weird look too. My mom was snapping pictures. My friends were like "What happened to your face??"

Now I look back I realize why my teachers gave me that look. They were thinking "OMG she looks like a geisha." I don't know for sure but looking back I'm pretty sure of it.


The next year for Halloween I took a black suit jacket, wore a white collar shirt and told everyone I was a minister. For real. If I was in NJ I would scan the picture as proof because I'm pretty sure no one would believe me. But really I was a pastor, I guess reformed geisha.

Looking forward to more happy Halloween memories with my kids. Getting ready to go Trick Or Treating in Hawaii for the first time EVER. Joey will be Buzz Lightyear. The purple "helmet" which is just a cloth hoody kinda makes him look like a Korean luchador but hopefully it works out and Kailtyn will be a watermelon!

Test run a few nights ago...

More evenings at the park!