The Destruction Continues...

Soo my son has been driving me crazy as usual. Like I said in an earlier post, one of the drawbacks to some of the improvements in his behavior is that it is all the more frustrating when he regresses. O regress he did! He got in a lot of trouble a couple weeks ago from drawing all over the TV, the couch, the floor etc. Joe and I were livid. We made sure he understood why we were so upset. So a week goes by and everything is ok until this past week. He was "playing" in the playroom and I hear a lot of banging and scratching noises. I immediately assume hes just playing with his toys. I walk into the room to find this.


He drew all over the wall and the floor. Well I was furious but more than that I was upset because he knew we didn't want him to do that, he knew it was wrong but he did it anyway! He got in a lot of trouble again. I wonder what was going through his mind. I wonder does he just get so much joy from drawing on the wall and on the floor that he doesn't think about the consequences? Maybe he thinks it's worth the trouble? Well not to long after he did this, I was in kitchen and came out to find this!


AGAIN. HE DID IT AGAIN!! We thought we hid all the crayons but not well enough. Can some mothers please shed light on why this is happening? How is it that he knows the consequences to something but he does it anyway?? (Sigh) but then again looking at my own life, most mistakes were things I knew were wrong but I walked into it anyway. Maybe the answer is: he is my son...

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