20 Ways You Know You Are A Korean American Growing up in the 80's/ 90's

1) IF you had ice cream in your house it was most likely NEOPOLITAN!

neopolitan ice cream.JPG

What is it about this 3 for 1 flavor deal that Korean mothers could not pass up? In our house the Vanilla was always untouched...

2) You never went to Disney World for vacation but instead went to NIAGARA FALLS!


Every year my dad promised we'd go to Disney World but instead we went to Niagara many times. Don't get me wrong, its amazing but if you seen it once... you've seen it. Ya know? We did eventually go to Disney World..

When I was 23.

3) You watched Rambo, Rocky, Star Wars and Indiana Jones with your family, even if you were way too young to watch such movies.

INdiana Jones.jpg

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was particularly traumatizing for me... I was six...

4) You had an X in your AOL screen name

aol screen name.30.42.jpg

I tried for xxfinklxx1995 but it was taken! Darn!

5) You would go into Asian American chat rooms on AOL and you remember what A/S/L stood for.

AOL chatrooms.jpg

6) You remember being confused as to why suddenly every KA you know started to listen to Korean music.

7) You or someone you knew had a furry wardrobe.


This is when I started getting really confused...

8) Your hair was never one color.

9) The amount of sticker pictures you had in your organizer was a status symbol.


Disclaimer: I just did a cursory google search, if you are in the picture above, my apologies..

10) You actually went to a studio to have pictures taken of you and your friends, pictures you now hate to look at.

I would post a picture of mine but I burned them...

11) Your pants could sweep the floor.


For the sake of our children I think all Gen X KA's need to form a pact and pretend we never dressed like this...

girl jnco jeans.png

I had a pair in tan. WAY COOL... right.

12) You went to No Rae Bang because you had to sing Candy.

13) You tried to hide your Kumon papers.

You ever notice the Kumon logo is a frowning face?

14) You loved Saturday morning cartoons because they were awesome and you were only allowed to watch TV on weekends.

the tick.jpg

Was this not the funniest show ever??

15) Weekends = H Mart

16) You were in high school and loved Sanrio and Morning Glory stuff, esp stickers! (Wait was that just me??)


growing up in an all white suburb, this place was magical for me.

17) Finally in light of the AOL chat rooms and because your parents rarely let you go out, the song "I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You" summed up your love life.

AOL chatrooms savage garden.jpg

18) You and all your friends wore black from head to toe.


...Black was the new black.

19) You always had a tennis racket in your house... even if no one played tennis.

tennis racket 1970s.jpg

My mom had one like this, I wondered what it was as kid, because I never saw them use it. I thought it was a sophisticated meme stick...

20) You and all your friends were divided between HOT vs Sechkies and S.E.S vs. Fin.K.L.

hot vs sechkies.jpg
SES vs finkle.jpg

...seriously what was up with the hair??